Charli Briggs

Charli Briggs, Eventure Experiences Ltd
Charli went from lying on the bedroom floor with depression and screaming out for help in 2013 to stepping into the events industry looking for a new challenge less than 3 years ago, as a Senior Account Manager at Experience Engine. Now, a Founder and running a highly successful staffing agency of her own, at the age of 29 and notably, already making a profit and taking a salary and dividends before even hitting the 1-year mark. That's pretty influential, don't you think?

A promotion within 12 months to Account Director, an industry award under her belt, being made redundant and consequently launching a successful event staffing agency in the middle of a global pandemic are just a few of her place-worthy achievements.

Charli's journey with mental health has made her more focused and determined to make a positive impact in this industry, one which is well known for burnout. Charli weaves the importance of wellbeing through her agency and is currently setting up a community and wellbeing programme, to better serve and reward freelancers within the industry and enhance their experience of working with Eventure.

Interestingly, with redundancies at an all-time high, Charli has provided 89 people with work during a global pandemic. Not many people can say that now, can they? Charli continuously strives to reach higher and make a positive impact within the events industry with a future memory being that Eventure has grown yearly, expanded internationally and the wellbeing of people as important as the profit.