Chirpa Santhanam

Chirpa Santhanam, GBG
Chirpa excels at driving improvements through automated and data driven MI reporting to provide transparency and continuous progression. Her leadership has seen her teams shortlisted for three European Software Testing Awards, personally she has been a finalist as Women in IT excellence's Outstanding Transformation, Data Leader of the Year at Technology Leaders awards and keynote speaker at National Software Testing Conference.
Over the past 18 months she has created and executed key new functions to proactively mitigate risk:
Established first digital solution for supplier management to efficiently onboard and engage with suppliers. Creating standards and Tech SMU with two new employees to manage 360 suppliers that delivered transparent reporting for continuous improvement and delivered cost savings of £600k. Internal BDO audit recognised it as exemplary and recommended all global divisions to incorporate the framework.
Created new Operational Level Agreement process to improve end to end customer delivery process, which saw an improvement in ticket resolution times, filtering queries to the respective capabilities and respond faster. Improved management and flow of data with positive impact on customer SLAs. Provided better clarity on ownership and tracking issues. Launched in UK and APAC for a product unit and now set to deploy to other product units, extending the benefits and continuously improve.
Outside of work Chirpa champions gender equality by self-funding female education in India to give other girls the opportunity to access the same opportunities she had available. A true example of an all-round, inspirational leader.