Sonia Dorais


Driven by a passion for helping people and businesses reach their full potential, Sonia has dedicated the last 15+ years to growing B2B software startups and scale-ups on both traditional and SaaS based models, predominantly in fintech.

Sonia was appointed CEO of Chaser, a market-leading credit control and debt collections software and services provider in 2021, after serving as an interim-CEO and CMO for the company in 2020.

Having served as CMO of successful software companies, Sonia understands the new demands on marketing to drive more revenue. She knows that buyers have taken control of the customer journey and that understanding customers and data are the best ways to not only optimise marketing but grow a business from the ground up.

Sonia has a long track record of growth hacking and delivering exceptional results for B2B software, tech, SaaS & services businesses with a passion for driving breakthrough marketing by setting and executing on the demand generation strategy, implementing the full martech stack, creating clear and understandable product messaging, and establishing brand awareness.

When it comes to leadership, Sonia believes that the road to growth, for people and businesses, is through learning and taking action. She has a bias for action and execution, and that people are the owners of their destiny and growth. Trained in situational leadership techniques through the Ken Blanchard courses, Sonia enjoys building highly skilled, result-driven teams structured for performance excellence and execution.

What sets Sonia apart? Focus. Energy. Speed. Kindness.