Eithne O'Leary

Stifel, President
Eithne heads up Stifel’s Institutional Group in London, overseeing their Debt and Equity capabilities in Europe, as well as their operations in financial services under the KBW brand.

Eithne joined the Stifel Group through the Oriel acquisition. Stifel Europe has grown consistently and now has over 500 employees focused on providing advice to companies and investors in the mid cap space. Stifel ranked 2nd in the London market for the volume of deals in 2019.

As equity analyst by background, Eithne was instrumental in building Oriel's retail franchise which has been consistently ranked highly by their clients. The team has ranked number 1 in the UK Extel Survey in 2014. Eithne is a Chartered Accountant by background and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University College Dublin.

There are few times in living memory when leadership has mattered more. Here in the UK, and around the globe, there are live examples of thoughtful and clear decision making that have helped those dealing with uncertainty and tragedy on the front line. On the other side of the coin, those reluctant to face the uncomfortable truths have prevaricated, wasting precious time and adding to a sense of helplessness. Individuals can and are making a difference in dealing with what is, fundamentally, a human crisis. Encouraging people to bring out the best in themselves and others is critical. Inspiring leaders are required now.