Abadesi Osunsade


Aba joined Brandwatch in July 2020 and has made a marked difference to the organisation and its commitment to community and belonging. Her initiatives have included:

Working closely with the exec team and each department to focus on attracting and retaining top talent from all backgrounds. This has resulted in at least 50% of candidates being from underrepresented backgrounds. Further supported with interactive training and on-demand learning resources to address bias in recruitment and the use of software to review the language in all our job adverts to ensure inclusivity.

Aba has also led sourcing jams to increase the proportion of women and people of colour in our recruitment pipeline.

Company-wide training on fostering inclusion and understanding bias with over 300 employees so far and 76% giving the highest score for 'I feel motivated and supported to apply the skills I've learnt'.

Live, immersive learning sessions, where 1 in 4 employees from leadership down join to discuss topics including gaslighting and microaggressions, bias and privilege, and how to be an active ally.

Aba has worked to develop community partnerships with Your Startup Your Story (Future Software Developer program) and Coding Black females to help build the future tech pipeline.

In addition, Aba founded and runs Hustle Crew, a community for under-represented tech professionals and consultancy for employers that want to create more inclusive cultures. She also does a lot of work to support and grow the women in tech network, including creating content for Marie Claire, Bloomberg, Forbes, and more.