Alexandra Burrell

Pizza Hut UK & Europe

While many managers deserve awards this year, Alexandra has been an absolute stalwart for Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) and deserves the recognition for ultimately positioning her role in communications at the forefront of a business' strategy, ensuring that PHD stayed open for business and all employees remained happy throughout. Unlike many other businesses, PHD didn't have weeks or even days to consider updating its business strategy when Covid-19 hit in March 2020. Alexandra's speed and proactive management of her public affairs agency meant Government designated PHD and its team members as key workers and the business didn't even close for a day.

With that came challenges, with 7,500 PHD colleagues nervous about coming into work, concerned about the busines' health and safety measures. Alexandra, responsible for all the communications and public affairs budget aligned all agencies (social, public affairs and crisis) to keep an eye on stakeholder sentiment and feed it back to the business; while setting up an internal communications function for the first time that enabled a two-way dialogue between HQ and all Pizza Hut colleagues. This cross functional approach led to the highest level of employee trust ever. As the only person in her team, Alexandra had to work cross functionally, in a daily basis with colleagues, two agencies and external stakeholders to deliver this programme.

Alexandra's work was essential to PHD continuing to operate during lockdown, as well as landing positive media coverage in national and regional media with over 86% key message penetration.