Anna-Louise Gladwell


In January 2020, Anna-Louise joined AnalogFolk London as managing director. Throughout this challenging year she achieved shifting the agency into efficient COVID operational mode, supported growth in its workload, partnered with clients in accelerating and developing effective digital strategies and onboarded new team members to provide clients with the expertise on the growing services they've needed during the pandemic.

An exceptionally progressive leader and decision maker, she helped set a new ambition tasking the agency with generating tangible societal impact. She's successfully created a strong, thriving culture and environment that encourages teams to question, explore and push boundaries to create value for clients and positive change outside of the industry.

She supports talent at every level nurturing and championing future leaders and creating opportunity and change in the way that people can join the industry and thrive. She's a mentor for BIMA's Mentoring Programme and Chair for the BIMA Peer Group Mentoring Programme for industry leaders, leads partnerships with Creative Equals, Leonard Cheshire and Creative Mentor Network to support diverse talent, and champions personal development for all at AnalogFolk through personalised development programmes, including giving access to the whole agency to individual monthly leadership coaching sessions.

Her commitment to harnessing technology and innovation has been instrumental in doubling AnalogFolk's investment in R&D. In 2020 this led to the development of BigUp.AI, a not-for-profit, D&AD Future Impact award-winning digital tool that helps women describe their strengths with more assertive language, so they can self-promote with impact.