Anna Warren

Acrelec UK Ltd

Anna Warren, CEO UK&I and DACH regions, is a driven woman with a passion for excellence along with making a difference in all aspects of the business.

Working in a male dominated industry, Anna has risen to the top with her sheer determination to create Acrelec as a company that presents a specific value to its customers and dares to be ingenious at the same time.

Acrelec is a global technology business that excels in innovation, new ways of thinking about customer engagements with technology and their experience, priding itself with its heritage and values.

Anna started her journey with Acrelec in September 2015 with the role of International Commercial Director. With Anna's strong leadership and landing two global accounts, she was promoted to become the UK&I Managing Director in May 2016.

It was in this role that Anna realised that the company needed to be more customer centric. She implemented a culture which was more responsive, agile and set-up with the right skillset in the right place, to deliver on promises and customer expectations.

Anna's influence to expand on the solution portfolio of the company globally and on-going development of customer journeys has led Acrelec to enjoy company growth from 3 major accounts to over 40 different brands.

Anna's vision, ambition and work ethic has seen Acrelec turnaround and become a leader in the commercial technology sector. Many follow the Acrelec approach and ethos today.