Danielle Bassil


In a 2018 restructure, Digitas parted ways with its management team and more than a third of its staff. Digitas needed a reboot and a reminder of what it would stand for moving forward. In June 2018, Dani became CEO, and her vision for the agency has been simple: 'happy people doing brilliant work for clients that love us'. Dani has turned the agency around, not just in terms of performance but also in diversity and inclusion.

In 2020, Dani set up Diversity & Inclusion Champions team to create a culture of equality for everyone. D&I is top of the agenda at every company meeting, and a topic people feel more comfortable discussing. Dani additionally introduced an apprenticeship scheme whose participants are 50% BAME to drive social mobility.

Under Dani's leadership, the team built an AI tool to overcome unconscious bias in the hiring process: an anonymised CV plug-in, which is now implemented across Publicis Groupe, and ensures CVs are judged purely on merit.

A significant boost in training investment has helped Dani build an outward-looking, collaborative, open and inclusive workplace. Including introducing workshops to support women returning to work after maternity leave.

This remodelling has resulted in profitable growth, and significant new business wins, including Samsung CRM. Despite the challenges of 2020, Digitas maintained its relationships with all existing clients and created some of its best work ever. With client satisfaction the highest it's ever been, Dani is confident that 2021 will be an even more successful year.