Helen Marsden


Helen Marsden, Co-founder of Medichecks, is a City worker-turned-entrepreneur who identified a gap in the market to provide affordable, convenient remote blood tests. Helen's personal commitment is to championing improved lives through access to clear, personal, health insights that inspire positive change. Helen has nurtured Medichecks into the UK's leading home health check provider, with over 300 at-home remote tests available.

During 2020, amid the nation's fight against COVID, Helen navigated her team through an uncertain, fast-changing healthcare landscape, to:

- be one of the first companies to bring a COVID antibody test to market

- introduce 25 new tests to support remote GP testing

- establish partnerships with major retail brands including Holland & Barrett, Boots and Superdrug

- partner with the NHS for three remote blood test pilots, including an NHS Blood and Transplant Service COVID-19 plasma study, which saw Medichecks supply over 37,000 CE-marked blood test kits in just three months

- report its biggest trading day on record, with a 20% sales spike and the largest volume of website hits in its 18-year history

- establish a senior leadership team, allowing Medichecks to adapt to increased demand for its products, and greater scrutiny on testing legislation

- execute a 'Right to Diagnosis' campaign that supports people with long term conditions to seek help

- relocate to larger premises to allow for a COVID-safe workplace and to scale

- retain roles for its 40+ team and expanded its workforce by 55%

- introduce training-led and virtual staff engagement initiatives, encouraging mental health and physical wellness breaks