Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis

Amazing If

Amazing If co-founders Helen and Sarah are transforming education at work by challenging outdated practices of learning being limited by level and career development only being available for the fortunate few. Their business, Amazing If, has a clear purpose: to make career better for everyone, and in 2020 they made significant strides towards scaling that mission.

After successfully pivoting during the pandemic to 100% virtual learning, they now work across 15 countries and with 12% of the FTSE100. Clients include Levi's, Vodafone, Twinings, Microsoft and Unilever. In 2020, Amazing If trained over 30k people globally and business revenue increased by 80% yoy to £456k, with a net profit margin of 64%.

Amazing If have also accelerated their support for individuals looking for accessible and affordable career development. Helen and Sarah's podcast Squiggly Careers has over 1 million downloads and 500+ 5* reviews. Their book, The Squiggly Career (Penguin), became a number one Sunday Times business bestseller (the first two women to achieve this feat) and their TEDx talk has been viewed nearly 50k times since launching in March 2021. In 2020 Amazing If also launched a free redundancy reset programme to support people whose careers have been negatively impacted by COVID.

Amazing If has four values: action, useful, work-in-progress and energy. Helen and Sarah live these values every day in the work they do and the positive impact they have. They are described by clients as 'the perfect partnership' with 'passion and energy', 'who we want more of please!'