Inga Schibsted


Inga brings a fresh, new perspective to credit control and collections. Driven by following the correct legal and financial protocols, Inga's natural empathy and kindness makes her approach particularly unique. She embodies the values of her company (caring and candidness) on all occasions.

Commercial debt recovery and outsourced credit control are new service offerings available at Chaser launched in 2020. Inga, at the young age of 25 with 1 year of experience in credit control and training from the CICM, is carrying out the services with the utmost integrity and excellence. To date every customer has been delighted and there has been no churn. S

She sees how effective teamwork makes a difference, notices when people need extra support and can be relied upon at all times. She notices when the team needs a boost and acts upon it with her unstinting enthusiasm.

One could say Inga is 'doing her job' but what 'makes a difference' is the way she does it; the compassion she shows for others and her commitment and attitude.