Jade Raad

Little Dot Studios

Jade joined Little Dot Studios in 2018, initially with a focus on establishing a new business line and delivering brand partnerships, a relatively nascent area at the time. Whilst Jade's contribution was valued and successful, it was clear that Jade had a vision and appreciation for an opportunity that exceeded our expectations.

In early 2020, Jade set out a vision describing how we could compete with more established agencies and be successful in the direct-to-brand market. Allied to an acute understanding of the competitive landscape, Jade's vision, strategy and clear definition of the USP necessary to cut through, was pivotal in securing backing and multi £000k funding to commit to an area where the organisation was otherwise unproven and nervous.

From a standing start in mid 2020, Jade has been instrumental in recruiting a high calibre team with a skillset designed to capitalise on the market opportunity and execute her vision. Jade's drive for product and data innovation has raised the expectation of quality in the wider organisation, which is driving investment into Data, Product & Technology which wasn't on the roadmap previously.

In 2021, Little Dot's Brand team now comprises c.20 people, and will deliver >£7m in revenue and generate £m's in bottom line profit.

From nothing less than 12 months ago, this is an astonishing achievement and testament to Jade's resilience, work ethic and ability to bring us on a journey we wouldn't otherwise have countenanced. She is a leader we are extremely proud to call our own.