Jyotsna Chandrani


Mentoring is Jyotsna's passion, and she's mentored for over 16 years throughout university and now in her corporate life. She wants to help others understand their abilities and talents, achieve their personal goals, and to realise external validation isn't needed to have a voice at the table.

At university, Jyotsna mentored young school-leavers to decide their next steps and define concrete action plans. She supported their transition from dependents living at home to living independently at university, being accountable for their own physical, mental and financial wellbeing. She spent time with their parents to understand their concerns and design coping mechanisms. Jyotsna focused on evidence-based decision-making, exploring consequence and sustainability, to make informed choices.

Jyotsna's mentoring shifted to helping university students become more employable when she secured her first job. She guided them about how to make their university experience count and what competencies to acquire and demonstrate. She ran mock interview sessions to highlight how their education was transferable to the workplace.

As her career developed, Jyotsna volunteered to mentor and senior leadership asked her to support individuals on key capabilities. This led to peers asking her to mentor them for their personal development, such as promotions and pay rises.

Jyotsna grew up in Tokyo and Japanese culture is close to her heart. The Japanese word 'Ikigai' means reason to live. Jyotsna's Ikigai is to 'enable'. She believes it's important to pay forward the tremendous support received in her personal and professional life to perpetuate the virtuous ripple effect.