Lisa Quest

Oliver Wyman

Lisa champions individuals at all levels of the organisation pushing for a diverse and inclusive workforce. She is the Executive Sponsor for the Women of Oliver Wyman and Global Executive Responsible for Inclusion and Diversity. In her role she has pushed to reshape both attitudes around the qualities and qualifications for the firm and the structures for how we govern the organisation.

Named one of HERoes top 100 women role models in 2018, among her achievements is shaping the culture and processes to improve hiring and retaining a diverse body of talent abd creating development opportunities for women across all levels of the business. Her passion is sponsoring and mentoring people through the organisation in a way that builds on their core career path rather than creating new coordination and sponsorship forms for women and focusing on empowering all underrepresented groups to promote their triumphs at work in a positive

She regularly takes part in government roundtables, public/private partnerships, panel discussions and webinars to elevate Oliver Wyman's global profile. Lisa has grown her practice over 100% year over year for the past 2 years building a focused and diverse team that are supporting government clients and driving real change and impact to support the post-Brexit and 'living with' Covid environment