Madelaine Allen

Axiom Europe, A division of The Creative Engagement Group

In 2009 Maddy started her career in Live Events at WRG, a division of The Creative Engagement Group (TCEG). She went from strength to strength showcasing her tenacity for growth and proving her leadership capability by growing WRG's largest pharmaceutical account from £2.8m to £6.5m in two years in her first Director role at the age of 27

In 2019 Maddy became Head of Axiom Europe, a new division in the group focused on Scientific Engagement. She led the team through a new branding and market positioning, integrating within TCEG and with Axiom US. She expanded the client base from 2 to 7 biopharmaceutical companies and grew her team of 9 to 27 people with a reputation for scientific and creative excellence. This exceptional growth increased Axiom Europe's profits 64% in less than a year, tracking the same YoY growth projected for 2021. This has also expanded profit increase for other departments who collaborate with Axiom and interact with these growing accounts.

Maddy is described as a team player, a leader of people and a magnet for talent. Her passion for growth expands into her team,encouraging her team to share their skills beyond her department for a richer professional experience. In her words,'Its an exhilarating experience to be part of other people's growth in confidence and capability in shaping their own careers.'

Most recently, Maddy volunteered to co-lead TCEG's DE&I group, using employee listening and external consultancy to shape a renewed strategy.