Pauline Paterson


Pauline Paterson is co-founder of the multi award-winning, multi-purpose, brand with a purpose, Dr.PAWPAW. Inspired by her young daughter's eczema prone skin; seeking a more natural remedy to the strong steroid creams recommended by doctors, the UK's first pawpaw balm was born.

A champion of giving back, and sustainable, clean beauty, Pauline manages production and NPD to ensure that Dr.PAWPAW is always improving and building on their core ethics. Pauline is an Export Champion, appointed by the Department of Trade UK for her success in exporting globally and Dr.PAWPAW is now available in over 30 countries.

Throughout the 2020/2021 pandemic Dr.PAWPAW launched their frontline initiative and offered two free balms for all frontline workers. This initiative was expanded to the US, Belarus, Greece and the Baltics. Pauline directed donations of over 125,000 Dr.PAWPAW soothing balms to directly support people on the frontline who were in need. During this time Pauline also directed the launch of the brand into both the US & China markets.

Pauline, quickly became the face of the brand and to this day, Pauline successfully conveys the brand message throughout all business activity as well as leading the family both at home and in the office. She works with each department on a daily basis to ensure continuity and drive the brand mission. Since her dedicated and hands-on prominent approach in the business, Dr.PAWPAW has seen a 1568% in revenue with a forecast of 30% growth in 2021.