Rania Robinson

Quiet Storm

Rania Robinson is CEO of ad agency Quiet Storm and one of UK advertising's most active diversity champions. Determined to bring about a revolution in the make-up of the ad industry, she devotes time and energy to encouraging young people from different backgrounds into the business, and advancing the cause of women.

In 2020, Rania re-launched Create Not Hate, Quiet Storm's initiative to get under-represented young people into the creative industries by helping unlock their creative potential to tackle social issues that they live with every day. Resulting in highly impactful, awareness-raising campaigns, achieving a 500m reach with zero media budget.

Rania also spearheads WACL's mentoring programme, which recruits some of the industry's most senior women to provide support for more than 200 mentees in their careers.

Over the past year, Rania's commitment to change has seen her mentor for schemes such as 'Invisible Creatives', 'Meet-A-Mentor' and NABS; deliver a keynote speech staged by BME Pro (an organisation that promotes BAME diversity in PR and communications); and participate in a D&I initiative at Cannes Lions.

Rania has been a guest on 'This Way Up, a podcast for inspiring women; participated in a SheSays panel; judged the all-female Gerety Awards for the best advertising through a female lens; and sat on the IPA's Commercial Leadership Group.

Meanwhile, at Quiet Storm, she leads the Women's Equality Party account, and helped the agency to deliver 100% pitch conversion in 2020, winning nine new clients and expanding the agency's category portfolio.