Shivvy Jervis

FutureScape 248 Ltd

Which brilliant innovations and discoveries from the science, digital and neuroscience worlds could help businesses run more sustainably and ethically? How can we maintain both profit and purpose and rally more governments and organisations to act on their moral obligations to the communities in which they operate?

And which vital skills and future jobs need to be our radar in order to stay employed?

The above are three examples of the themes that Shivvy Jervis has catalysed and advocated for across a decade. For the collective workforces of over eight million and 15 million+ online audiences that she has addressed or trained, her talks, advisory and broadcasts are a change driver.

Known as one of Europe's only female, Asian Futurists, Shivvy's scenario planning is relied on by the likes of the United Nations, the Mayor of London's office, Microsoft and Visa. Despite the hurdles of being a solo founder and immigrant, Shivvy's research has earned a staggering 24 pieces of industry recognition.

Three years ago Shivvy created FutureScape 248, one of the UK's only forecasting labs dedicated to shaping the sustainability agenda of the vast number of organisations seeking Shivvy's counsel. Her work has directly shaped 22 company initiatives and programmes in the past pandemic year alone, stirred thousands of decision makers into action and lead to

Above all, Shivvy channels her access to some of the world's most influential organisations and governments into being a force for change.

Do take 45 seconds to watch Shivvy in action here: