Tamara Littleton

The Social Element

In a year of crises, Tamara Littleton has been a stable pathfinder for her clients and her employees. Tamara established herself as an innovator by pioneering best practice in social media and disrupting traditional agency structures through The Social Element. She has led global brands and her agency staff through the COVID-19 pandemic with empathy and a determination to steady the ship.

Tamara's commitment to an inclusive business came into its own during the pandemic. She had already forged a diverse and mainly remote team. This meant that the company was in a prime position to help clients to create genuine human connections between themselves and their customers when they needed it the most. She's also nurtured a workforce that represents the world, located across more than 40 countries, having a culturally and gender diverse makeup and ranging in age from their early twenties to their seventies. This has created a resilient and forward-thinking business, something felt by employees and clients.

To help staff cope with lockdown, Tamara enacted a range of policies. From virtual roleplay with actors, so her team refresh their people and commercial skills to virtual cookery classes and bingo, Tamara has continued to put employees at the centre of her business.

This passion also extends beyond her agency. Tamara works to improve the opportunities of the communities she represents. Through her network 'Evil Genius' and working with Lesbians Who Tech, Tamara supports future leaders who can make her industry more capable of speaking to wider audiences.