Tina Chen


As a Taiwanese-American living in London, Tina was inspired by the bubble tea concept and British tea drinking culture to develop a healthy, well-balanced tea latte beverage. With her love for a quality cuppa and desire to make a positive impact on society, she made a career switch

from IT and HumaniTea, a proud social enterprise, was born!

Tackling the problem of obesity-causing sugary soft drinks, HumaniTea crafts the UK's first ready-to-

drink Plant-based Tea Lattes available in Matcha Green Tea and Classic Earl Grey flavours.

Brewed with actual tea leaves, creamy oat milk, and ethically-sourced, quality ingredients, the deliciously smooth Vegan Tea Lattes exclude artificial flavours and emulsifiers, contain low sugar and low calories, and provide boost of antioxidants and natural energy without the coffee caffeine crash. By spreading 'Me Time, Tea Time, Any Time', HumaniTea encourages people to take regular tea breaks to find mindfulness. She also donates 5% or more of post-tax profit to wellbeing and sustainability initiatives.

Tina believes passion is key to running a successful business. She mentors some budding entrepreneurs, and ingrains this mantra into them.

Tina's passion is to bring a drink that's good for humanity to the world. The ability to make a positive impact on society through her business motivates her to succeed. She set up the business as a social enterprise because she wanted to ingrain the mission into the Articles of Association. Tina's committed to producing low sugar drinks, using preservative-free, ethically sourced ingredients, utilising eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.